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July 2019
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 Bconnell Request

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PostSubject: Bconnell Request   Bconnell Request EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 9:56 pm

Hi! Smile I'm not picky at all of course and I love all art piece. Here are a few things I'd like drawn.

My pup, Welsh. He's my drawn reference for him: [Welsh], heres a real life version of what he'd look like: [X] and here's one example of a piece someone did for me: [X]
He is a Welsh corgi without a docked tail so he is more boxy and short!

My second pup, Adin. I don't have a reference for her so it's a tad up to interpretation, but here are a few pieces others have done for me: [X], [X], and [X].
She too is a corgi, so again, boxy and short!

Last pup, I promise! xD
His name is Gibbs and he's a chocolate brown Dachshund with blue eyes and docked tail. So kind of like this: [X], [X], and [X]

This is my very best friend in the whole world and we're almost always together, I'd love to have a picture of him drawn or one of us together.
He's the only red head you'll find in these: [X], [X],[X],[X],[X].

Here's some of me: [X], [X],[X], [X], and [X].

And here's some of us together, so you see our sizes and such:
[We're the ones off to the left, ignore his hat!^^], [X], [We're the Red head and Blonde standing near the front], [We're the couple at the bottom left corner], and please ignore the icky-ness of this picture xD This was us going on three days/nights with no sleep [X].

We're both big fans of the outdoors, we like to hike and we sing in choir, we're just very close so if you decide to draw it as a couple picture feel free to take that in mind.

This one is very simple!^^ I want pictures of Red balloons, so anything you can do with that is fine, even just a simple balloon.

That's about it!

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Bconnell Request
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