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July 2019
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 3phemeral's request

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PostSubject: 3phemeral's request   3phemeral's request EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 5:04 pm

Dear Santa,

I like:

Animal ears, pointy/elf ears, tails, though none of these are necessary. Any character, either fanart or something original, of either gender, will do well with these (as long as a female isn't exagerratedly sexualized. Males can be as sexualized as you like). In terms of costuming/setting, I prefer something fantasy based, either western or eastern.

Inuyasha fanart is more or less my favorite, and involving Inuyasha or Kouga somewhere is a safe bet I'm going to love it. I also like it when artists "age up" Shippo to normal human height. I'm not a huge Sesshoumaru or Naraku fan in pairings, however.

I'm down with single characters, pairings het or mxm, or scenes of conflict.

Any OCs found in my galleries are also fair game, and their refs are there. I suppose my active interest in art of them is related to the effort I've put into drawing attention to them. lol

Not-yet-arted OC:

Jalen Wagner:
Age - 24
Ht - 5'11"
Wt - 180 lbs
Gender - male
Hair color - Dirty blonde, sandy.
Hair style - Tied back in a short, loose ponytail. Straight. Some strands break free in front. Cleanshaven.
Eye color - Deep blue
Clothing - Black tank top, Thick white unbuttoned dress shirt. Cargo Khakis and running shoes.
Build - skinny, but has some light musculature all over, mostly in arms and legs.
Tail type - short-hair, cat style, same color as hair. The tail is the only animal-type feature he has.
Tail length - two feet
Personality - brilliant, but usually withdrawn, unpersonable and untrusting. A smile from him is hard-won - at best his expression is neutral, and that happens only when he's out freerunning around an abandoned suburb, when he's at his most content (note: not actively happy).
Occupation - a mech programmer for a military contractor. Works at a warehouse/hangar near San Francisco.
Setting - near future, near-apocalyptic. Suburban ghost towns, super cities.

Last edited by 3phemeral on Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:09 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Wanted to be more specific in my likes and dislikes.)
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3phemeral's request
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