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March 2019
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 Laitma's Request

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PostSubject: Laitma's Request   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:58 pm

Hello there!  
Um, I'm new to this, so I only hope that I'm doing things right...

So for my request, I think there are two main stories I'd love to see a character drawn from.  

I have a really big post about the characters and world HERE if anyone wants more background info!  Any character pictured in the journal is also a viable option if they'd prefer to draw them, I would not mind in the least.  : D


A half-blood angel and the protagonist of my story.  Seth is generally a pretty moody and reserved character who is very frustrated with himself for the failures he perceives to be his fault, and which are why he tends to isolate himself from others.  He has tattoos along his arms that he usually tries to hide/cover up through long sleeves/gloves and is capable of wielding a form of magic known as "sigology" (middle picture).  Also fights with small concealable weapons, but mostly in self-defense.

A failed experimental angel, Corryn's downright psychotic, erratic, and unpredictable.  His wing design isn't really finalized so feel free to mess around with them (the sketchdump has some other concepts I was playing around with), but he's always kind of covered in scars/dirt and tends to be crouching, sitting, or jumping around (he very, very rarely stands still like the first (reference) pic shows.  He also likes to bother Seth a lot, and by bother I mean switch between trying to save his ass and trying to kill him.

Another story of mine about druggies and somewhat post-apocalyptic landscapes where angels fall from the sky.  Gallery/prose HERE

A druggie with a prosthetic leg who gets caught up in far too many fights, absolutely none of which he wins.  Has some serious self-esteem issues and is sorta suicidal in an aggressive kind of way.  He lost his leg in an accident he doesn't like to talk about, but the second image is of him before the fall (when he was an arrogant, antisocial bastard).  If you wanna draw someone beat up and bloody this would be the one.  <:'D

And unattached to any other story, but if anyone's looking for someone cute and cheerful to draw (since I know I've mostly only offered emo boys, hahaha) here's Sweet!  

She's just a super happy, cheerful character I have for... I don't really know why, hahahah.  She also may or may not be able to spin sugar candies with her fingertips.  

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Laitma's Request
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