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July 2019
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 Tgoga's Request

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PostSubject: Tgoga's Request   Tgoga's Request EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 4:03 pm

Sorry this is late gaaaa

Hokay Dear Santa ~

What I would really like this year is some art of some of my two favorite OC's, Amy Porter whose name I now changed to Aria Porter XD and Yong Do. They are the protagonist and the antagonist for my original story Duelists Court.

Yong Do

Tgoga's Request 2nssivdr5 Tgoga's Request Evancomplete-1

Aria Porter

Tgoga's Request 15wxssdgx Tgoga's Request Ashvr1bsscfr Tgoga's Request Gaia___Ashavr_by_Divinai Tgoga's Request SS09__Ashvr_by_PshantomPockylll Tgoga's Request Scopy x x

A combo

x x

Some Description of the characters.

Amy Porter is an ordinary high school girl, except for one thing . . . no one can see her. After being kidnapped one night by a band of dark clad people it is revealed to her that the reason no one can see her is because she is not entirely human but also half angel, a nephilim. Not only is she a nephilim but she is the last female nephilim of the royal blood and for the royal line to continue or to end her existence is the only thing that can tip balance in the nephilim world.

Yong Do is also just an ordinary high school boy, yet for some reason he is the only human that can see Amy. He finds the odd girl fascinating and takes every opportunity he can to be near her. Yet the closer Yong Do gets to Amy Porter the more in pain he seems to physically get.

Later is is revealed that while Amy Porter is a descendant of the first pure hearted angel, Yong Do is the descendant of the fallen angel Lucifer and the two were destined to stand face to face on the battle ground fighting over the fate of the human population.

I would love to see them together ! In maybe their school uniforms or whatever you can dream up of ! You can make them up some new outfits or anything you want ! Feel free to give them wings if you'd like Amy's are white while Yong Do's are black !

I'm excited to see anything ! Thanks :3

Link to a very under construction OC guild.
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Tgoga's Request
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