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July 2019
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 Zamorack's Request

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PostSubject: Zamorack's Request    Zamorack's Request  EmptyMon Jan 05, 2015 1:26 pm

Thought I might hop on the bandwagon, even though I am a year or so late :/

The characters from my role-play "Kondaina Supesu" are who I request to be drawn. Specifically, Shiva or any of her Titan forms, as they are the current characters that I feel are relevant in my story. 
I will offer a quick personality/physical note below each character so that you may "get the feel" of each one. Personally, I don't mind if my characters are drawn OOC (out of character), but there are a few lines that shouldn't be crossed with them. 

DeviantArt CharaHub GaiaOnline
Zamorack's Request  4976377
Personality: Calculating, persistent, kind, curious, observant, desires justice and/or revenge where it's due. 
Physical quirk: Tendrils are angular and do not stick together. Can be considered a polymorphic shapeshifter as she is able to twist her physical appearance to take on nightmarish forms, but she does have a defined humanoid form.

Titan Form, Half-Titan Form, and Sprint Morph    

Zamorack's Request  ShesNewShesImproved-1
Above is Shiva's full Titan form. It has no mouth, but other references I have of it do. You can draw either, I don't mind.
The Half-Titan form is Shiva's shift into her Titan form paused midway, and the Sprint morph is a variation of the Half-Titan form. All of these references can be found in my DeviantArt. 
Personality: Varies on form, however is much more lizard-like in her way of interacting with others or with the environment (licking, headbutting, ect.).  
Physical quirk: Varies on form, but is usually a hissing, eel/lizardy mess.  

(Maybe I'll edit more when it's not 8 in the morning?)
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Zamorack's Request
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