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January 2019
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 Iron Lichen (Art RP)

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PostSubject: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:06 pm

This is still developing but I thought I would start posting stuff up anyway so if anyone is interested in doing this with me they can send me a note about my thoughts so far. Anyone is fully welcome to join me at any time they like. For now I am still developing the world and a story so send me feedback on things you would like to see to make it more interesting to you. This world is not mine but ours so I will bend it to fit other players in my lovely storytelling game. Like I said if nobody is interested I'll give it a shot by myself.

I'll go ahead and post it here for now and our lovely mods can move it to the writing forum if they make one (this has an art element anyway).

First post: Introduction
Second: Rules
Third: World background
Four: Character Profiles
Five: Start writing k.

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:06 pm

1- You do not have to do art with every post, but try to do some every 3-4 posts at least.
2- If it's moving fast feel free to post the writing first and go back and add the drawing afterwards.
3- Any quality of art is ok. Stick figures = ok. Rembrandt = ok.
4- You cannot be all-powerful, it is not fun.
5- Each character you have should have their own font color.

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:07 pm

(World is still in development). The world is a fantasy/steampunk type setting. I'm trying to make it as open as possible to give people a lot of choice but let me know if it is TOO open. There are four races at the moment: elves, humans, monsters, and spirits. You can be any of the three that you like.


Elves: Elves tend to have a lot more magical power than humans and tend to be very wealthy when they live in human cities. Most of them have a superiority complex and think humans are inferior. They are not evil generally but are disinterested in stopping evil since they tend to spend most of their lives studying magic and care for little else. They live significantly longer than humans or monsters.

Humans: They look normal. Can do anything you like.

Monsters: Usually look part human and part animal. They have been cast out of human society as evil and are often hunted down by humans. They originally were created by humans dabbling with changing their shapes, a practice which was declared too dangerous after many of the humans experimented on went on rampages and killed dozens of people after being changed. Nowadays they live in small groups under the ground or sometimes in dense forests.

Human created monsters: Can be made out of organic material...they don't have very developed minds beyond "obey" and can't speak at all. Used by earth or wood mages.

Spirits: Belong to each elemental category and can be summoned by people with a particular element. If you choose to be a spirit you will have the strongest power since you are essentially a creature made of power but you take the risk of potentially being summoned and used against your will. (AKA Salamanders, Sylphs, Naiads, dryads, and I'll throw things like unicorns, dragons, demons, or angels in here too).

Everyone in the world is born favoring a particular element. Your element determines what you are good at and what kind of spirits you can summon.

Earth: Manipulate stones/soil. Often good at healing.
Wood: Control trees and forest spirits.
Metal: Usually good with weapons/fighting, physical superiority.
Wind: Usually fast. Control wind spirits. Flight.
Water: Good swimmers, can control water/breath underwater, etc.
Fire: Manipulate fire and fire spirits.
Spirit (light): Control holy spirits. Good at building barriers, creating light, healing.
Spirit (dark): Control demons. Good at fading into shadows, mind control.

The town I am starting my character in is a steampunk dung heap of development in a mountainous area. Prostitution and child labor are in heavy measure and most of the citizens work in factories run by a few very wealthy humans. There is very little faith and most of the humans blame their problems on the monsters outside their walls. There is a population of monsters living in an underground town nearby that you can enter through the mountains. There are also several families of elves living in the cities and doing magical research.

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:07 pm

Character Profiles

Fill me out wrote:

Font Color:
Special Power:

[PICTURE REQUIRED] (meh I'll do it later..)
Font Color:#41627E
Name: Christopher Weller
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Spirit (light)
Special Power: Making charms containing ward or minor healing spells.
Background: He's a priest.
Personality: A bit gruff and serious but really a nice guy.
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PostSubject: Re: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:40 am

Christopher Weller stared at the stack of names on his desk with a heart filled in equal parts with anger and resignation. Every one of the myriad of papers had the name of a child, a child who was missing or known to be dead. Each paper begged him to pray for the souls of the lost children and guide them to a peaceful existence in the next life. He was disgusted. He had heard the rumors going around town, that they had been taken and eaten by demons lurking in the shadows. Christopher had his suspicions about where the children had gone, but he was powerless to do anything at all to save them. But that would not stop him from trying, not even if it lead him to his own death.

He put on his black robes, embroidered with the cross and beads of a common priest of the church of ahms. It was heavy, a reminder of the weight he wore upon his shoulders when he put it on. It was heavier even than the stares and whispers when he walked by, the church was not powerful and enemies lurked around every corner. That did not stop the mothers from turning to him when faced with their children’s lifeless form and suddenly the idea of an afterlife in the arms of his god seemed a better prospect than whatever they had believed before. Nor did it stop the poor who came to him begging for assistance knowing he could not refuse them anything he had. In his heart he held on to the belief that people were at the core all good, but it was difficult to hold on to that faith in a city which was being taken over by factories and businesses whose presence only seemed to make most people suffer more than before. He hesitated only for a moment before dipping the end of his staff in poison before walking out the door…

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Lichen (Art RP)   

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Iron Lichen (Art RP)
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