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December 2018
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 Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)

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PostSubject: Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)   Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:52 pm

Welcome to Secret Santa for Artists! This thread is here to help you get to know the event and how it works.

This year, the random selection will be on
November 15th, and all the drawings are to be turned in by December 22nd.

The exchange itself will be on January 1st but you must have your artwork in by the proper deadline or you will not be included. The extra time is to sort out any problems that may arise; if somebody does not finish we will require volunteers to make sure everyone gets art. If all goes flawlessly, we may have an early exchange as a reward.

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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:24 pm

What's a Secret Santa?

If you don't know already, a Secret Santa is a fun event that a group of friends will often participate in over the holidays. They all place their names in a hat, and each person randomly picks somebody who they must secretly find a gift for. On a designated date, they get together and exchange.  

This is what we are doing here, but we will be using artwork instead of material items. A person will be selected for you, and you will secretly be drawing a picture for them. When you finish, you will submit this artwork to Kynale, and on January 1st we will exchange these pictures by posting them here in this guild.

What kind of art is allowed?

We encourage all types of artwork here. Any media is fine, and whatever you choose to make for your person is fine. Just make sure the art is entirely your own!

On that note, please keep in mind that this event is open to all ages 13 and up, so your request and the art you draw for the event should not exceed a PG-13 rating. If you have questions about whether your request is appropriate, PM one of our admins.

How will people know what I want?

There are two ways to let people know what you want!

1. When editing your profile, there is a section for your Secret Santa request. You can write it up in here.
2. Alternatively, you can make your own thread in the Participants & Requests subforum. This is ideal if you have a lot of characters you want to post up; you can organize them however you like in your own thread.

Either way is fine, but is required you do at least one of these if you want to participate. Your Secret Santa has to have some idea of what they can draw for you.

You can post as many ideas/requests as you want. Keep in mind that your Secret Santa is only required to draw one - but posting lots of ideas/characters is always encouraged because it gives them that many more options to find something that inspires them.

That about sums it up, so go ahead and scroll down now to see the rules and instructions. Be sure to read them carefully!

What is the Secret Summer Swap?

The Secret Summer Swap is another Secret Santa-type event held in the off-season months, usually sometime around June (summer for the northern hemisphere).

It works exactly as our Secret Santa does, with all the same rules applying. So if you want something to do during the long wait between Secret Santas, we encourage you to participate in this!

A thread for this with the dates will usually go up sometime in the late spring.

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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:23 pm


1. Joining the forum

Read all the rules and instructions, and are ready to join us? Go ahead and register. You will be required to put in a link to your gallery or art samples when you join. This is required to enter into the Secret Santa, as we need to see your skill level and make sure you actually are an artist. We accept varying skill levels but there is a cut-off point.

2. Write up your request(s) and tell us about yourself

There is a section in your Profile where you can post your request(s) in as much detail as you like for your Secret Santa. If you'd like more room or organization, you can also create your own thread in the Participants and Requests forum.
NOTE: it is required that you do at least one of these to be included as a participant.

In addition, there is also space in your profile to write about what you do and don't like to draw. This is not required but can aid us in the selection process - if there is a certain type of request you absolutely don't want to have to draw, be sure to mention it here.

3. Join the Secret Santa

Joining the forum alone does not immediately enter you in the Secret Santa. If you want to be a participant, please post in the Participants thread and you will be added to the list.

You can do this before or after you type up your request, but you must have your request done by the November 15th deadline to be included. You must also have a link to your art sample(s) in your profile.

If you're missing any of these things you will be left out, but there will be plenty of reminders before the deadline.

4. Hang around

Feel free to make your own threads here, chat, show off your artwork, etc. Get to know the other members! There will be plenty to do here and it makes the event that much more fun.

5. Random selection

This is usually done by Kynale. It will take place on November 15th. Kynale will pick all the artists and then PM everyone with the person they must draw for. Remember not to tell anyone who you have, even your friends! It is a secret santa after all. ;)Don't ruin the fun!

Scroll down to the FAQ at the bottom of this thread if you want more details on how the selection process works.

NOTE: Posts made in the forum that give away who you have (or give any major clues) will be deleted. Wink

6. Drawing

Now the real fun begins! Carefully read through your person’s request(s) - they will either have a thread up here or the info in their profile - and decide what to draw for them. Keep in mind that Kynale will be checking to make sure you took your person’s requests into consideration, so be sure your art reflects that. Don’t try to pass off a piece that has nothing to do with anything they requested - it won't be approved.

In addition, please spend some time on your drawing. If someone has spent hours on their drawing, and receives a sketch done in 5 minutes, it's not very fair. Don't join unless you know you have the time available to spend.

You will have well over a month to complete the drawing, but be sure not to procrastinate: a problem many of us tend to face.

7. Submitting Your Art

Finished with your drawing? Well, the first thing you need to do is send it via private message to Kynale. Kynale will keep track of all the artwork to make sure everyone finishes and nobody is left out.

She will also have to approve it - if she feels you didn't put any effort in or didn't draw anything your person requested, she will let you know and you still have until the deadline to change it. If you can't get it approved you won't receive art.

(It is not hard to be approved, so don't stress. Smile)

December 22nd is the deadline. You must have your artwork in before the end of the day. If your artwork is not submitted by 11:59 PM EST December 22nd, you will not be included in the exchange. We will instead find volunteers to draw for the people left out.

You have lots of time, but your best bet is to not procrastinate and send in your artwork to Kynale early on. If something comes up and you feel you might not make the deadline, please contact Kynale - sooner is better.

Do NOT show anyone else your artwork yet, especially the person it's for!

8. Exchanging

The final, and best step of all - the exchanging! This will take place on January 1st, and a special exchange thread will be posted. The extra bit of time between the exchange and the deadline are for any mishaps (for example, people who fail to turn in art), so we can get volunteers to draw art for the left-out people.

Again, do not post your art until this day. Even if you finish early, don't go contacting your person; PM Kynale only. We want to all exchange at the same time.

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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:02 pm

When is the Secret Santa?

This year, the random selection will occur on November 15th. The deadline to submit your art will be December 22nd, and the exchange will be held on January 1st.

What are the requirements to join?

The only requirement to join the forum is that you are an artist. When you register, you will be required to give us a link to either a gallery or sample(s) of your art. If you cheat by filling in something that is not a link to your artwork, you will not be permitted to participate in the Secret Santa until you post a real link.

To join the actual Secret Santa, you need to post in the Participants thread, as well as post your Secret Santa Request, which can be done in this forum or in your Profile.

Why do I need to show an art sample?

It is to prove you are an artist, that you have work you put effort into, and are not just trying to join to get free art without contributing yourself. We also like to be able to see your general skill level so that you can be given somebody who is not too far off from yours.

Do I have to participate in the Secret Santa in order to be in the forum?

Nope, you are welcome to join the forum even if you don't plan on participating in the Secret Santa. We encourage all artists to post here. =)

Why is there a week gap between the due date for art and the actual exchange?

We do this to ensure nobody will be left out of the exchange. This way, if somebody disappeared and didn't finish their art, we have time to find a volunteer to draw in their place. Then when it comes time for the exchange, everyone will be guaranteed to receive a piece of artwork.

What if I won't be here on the day of the exchange?

That's okay; you don't have to post it immediately on that day. If you won't be around for a few days, Kynale will post your artwork for you so your recipient isn't waiting too long.

How do I get freebie art?

The best way I can recommend is to be active, friendly, and get to know other members - and they may just want to draw freebie art for you, especially on occasions such as your birthday. Remember if you draw freebie art for others, you are more likely to receive some in return.
There are also threads such as "Draw the character above you" which I encourage you to contribute in.

How does the Random Selection process work? Is it really random?

It is random, but not entirely.

I (Kynale) start with the first person on the list and randomly pick (through a random generator program called The Hat) who they will be drawing for.

Then I check to make sure it is a fair, compatible match. Some things I take into account:

  • Past exchanges - so you won't draw for the same person you did last year (if you participated last year)
  • Skill level - to an extent. If you are at a very high skill level, you don't have to worry about receiving artwork from just a beginner. I try to make sure the skill-levels are at least comparable.
  • Content - based on your overall art style as well as what you put in your profile under art likes/dislikes. If you hate drawing chibis enough to mention it there, I will make sure you're not drawing for someone who only wants to receive chibi art.

So if the person randomly selected for you is deemed too incompatible, I randomly pick again until I find someone that works.

It is a time-consuming process, but I do it because I enjoy it and I think it gives our Secret Santa a quality that not a lot of other ones out there have.

It's not always a perfect process but I try my best. Keep in mind the more participants we have, the more successful this method is. So please invite your friends!

I have a suggestion/idea/question about the forum!

We'd love to hear. Please share it in the Suggestions thread.

My question wasn't answered here.

Feel free to PM any one of the admins and we'll do what we can to help. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)   

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Secret Santa - The Event (Info, Instructions and FAQ)
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