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July 2019
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 Tiuni's request

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PostSubject: Tiuni's request   Tiuni's request EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 1:18 am

Hey everyone! My name is Diana and I'm currently in my last year at UCLA as a film undergrad, animation concentration. I'm open to all styles and interpretations, and I'm very easy to please!

As for my requests, I'd really prefer some artwork of one of my characters! They can be any of the following:

Vincent Bellingham

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A young man who has strange dreams about a particular woman. He doesn't mind them that much (though they are a source of daily curiosity for him), until one day he finds the woman of his dreams - quite literally. Vincent is a well-mannered, very lucky man who was bred from a rich family. Though he seems pretty normal, he has this strange habit to attract a variety of different creatures to him; personally, Vincent likes birds the best. He generally thinks the best of people, but Vincent doesn't really connect with anyone until he met the dream woman, also known as:


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Now Victoria doesn't like Vincent at all. Not at first anyway. All she wanted to do was raise her two wards peacefully in her house on the hill just a bit away from the cityscape; close enough to get supplies, but far enough away to be out of sight. Vincent comes into her life like a runaway train. Suddenly all sorts of things happen in her house, but strangely enough, they bond. And Victoria starts questioning what this man truly means to her. She tries to be the upstanding Victorian lady as much as she can, but unfortunately her demureness and class ends with her fancy dresses. Her loud and moody personality speaks to her troubled and poor beginnings, but her heart can be so big it's hard to blame her for it.

If this sounds boring to you, I'd love some art of my two thesis characters as well...

The Fox

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The nine-tailed fox demon from Korean folklore, The Fox seems to have more in plan than simply taking the livers of men. She has bigger things in store and isn't going to let anything stop her...

The Girl

(0) (1) (2)(3)

All she wants to do is live in her village and continue to take care of her foster parents. But fate has bigger plans in store for her when The Girl is asked by the dying river dragon to kill the king.

And again, if none of these peak any of your interests, you can wander around my gallery or my tumblr to see what else might fancy your drawing hand! I have other characters, but hopefully these will be interesting enough for you. Thank you so much, and I can't wait to see what you have in store! <3
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Tiuni's request
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