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July 2019
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 Kuakness' request

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PostSubject: Kuakness' request   Kuakness' request EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 1:04 am

Hiii everyone Very Happy!

How's it going? I'm a CG artist that needs to draw more -__-U... haha. I can handle any style, it's always nice to be challenged.

Anyway, about what I want...duuur... this took me a while to figure out though, not very easy to think of something when you've been kinda out of it for like a year xD... anyway, here are the options

I'd like fanart of one of my OC's :
- Bakuchan: He's sorta like a nightmare eating half elephant, half bear based in japanese mythology. They're just a couple of concept images, you could take either one as a reference, same with the color.
pic 1
pic 2

-Anyu: She's an inuit girl with a polar bear spirit guide.
pic 1

- Salome: Crazy caribbean witch

I'm being vague about what I want because I'd like to leave it open for interpretation, depending on what the character makes you feel. Just have fun with it Very Happy!

Yaaay, fuuun ~~
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Kuakness' request
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