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July 2019
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 Mashimizu's request

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PostSubject: Mashimizu's request   Mashimizu's request EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 5:59 pm

I'm craving some fantasy art. I will request characters for the story I am working on for nanowrimo mostly since those are the ones that are floating around in my head the most at the moment. I will try to keep updating with pictures and such soon.

Summary of the story from my nanowrimo page: Jack is a young girl living on a planet that has all but been abandoned by the intergalactic government. The planet's government has been reduced to warring clans, one of which is headed by Jack's father. Jack feels the need to prove her abilities as the future clan leader. On a planet which is filled with monsters, human enemies, and whose air has become unable to be breathed Jack blunders ahead. Things begin to change for the planet with the announcement of the discovery of intelligent aliens on another planet who wish to be included in the intergalactic counsel, as the people on her planet begin to discover the secrets of their own.

Jack has curly black hair that fluffs out a little at the sides in a way that is supposed to remind you of sheep ears. She has grey/silver eyes. She is completely androgynous in appearance and you should not be able to tell if she is male or female. She is relatively short but not abnormally so. Compared to Ryuu she should be about a head shorter. Her power is the ability to communicate telepathically but it's pretty weak. Her ears are slightly pointed.

She is a very loud character who tends to charge right into the middle of things without caution. She gets irritated easily and tries to pick fights with people. She enjoys fighting a lot, and sticking her nose into everything. She's very dedicated to her clan but doesn't get along well with other people for the most part. She's very expressive and says whatever comes to mind. She is actually pretty smart if she forces herself to slow down and think about what she's doing instead of charging around.

It is important to note that you can draw Ryuu in two different forms. Ryuu is tall with short cropped black hair and narrow black eyes. He is a very serious character who works very hard. He is good at fighting but does not like to fight particularly. His face should not show a lot of expression since he is usually calm and serious. His power is the ability to create illusions and the form you see most of the time is actually not his real one.

His real form has black eyes that glow gold in the dark and have slit pupils. He also had large horns curling back along his head and black wings. His ears are pointed. His fingers are longer and more claw-like. He is Jack's childhood friend but they haven't seen each other in a long time. He likes her for some reason. Ryuu does not need a face mask when he goes outside unlike the others but would probably create one with an illusion.

Twelve is someone who has been experimented on for his entire life. He has massive scars on his back where his wings were cut off and mostly just appears human. He doesn't particularly feel tormented by that seeing as how he can't remember them doing it. He is a bit mysterious and seems to come and go out of nowhere sometimes. He has golden hair with a bit of a wave and golden eyes and is very pretty. He doesn't have a power. He follows Jack and Ryuu around a lot since Jack helped him escape but nobody can really tell what he's thinking. His ears are slightly pointed.

Alice: Alice is a normal human and does not have a power. She did not grow up in a clan like the others did but by fending for herself. She regularly goes out into the desert which is full of dangerous plants and monsters. She has shoulder-length brown hair and hazel eyes. In order to survive she has had to force herself to do very brave things on a regular basis but the truth is that she is an absolute coward and would rather just run away. Her style is very steam-punk. Think leather armor and face masks since she spends most of her time outside...remember that she can't breath the air.

Additionally you can draw a picture of one of my dolls if you would prefer rather than one of my OCs. Although technically he is an OC since they have characters in my stories haha, although they look a bit different. Yoshiki is a very proper character who works as a kind of bodyguard/warrior. He does have pointed ears even if it's a bit hard to tell since his wig is a bit fluffy. He has green eyes and black hair. He is mistrustful and cautious. You can draw whatever kind of outfit you want to on him. If you want to make it look more like the OC from the story he needs larger horns, long pointed ears that stick out sideways, longer and more slender legs, and a tail. It's fine if you just draw the doll though.




If you really don't want to draw pictures of any of the characters above I'm alright with any fantasy/science fiction piece as long as its something you create for me.

Or you can draw me a black poodle, since I have one and am rather fond of her.

Somehow writing this out makes me realize how ridiculous this story actually is haha.
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Mashimizu's request
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