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July 2019
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 Dusk's request

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PostSubject: Dusk's request   Dusk's request EmptySun Nov 11, 2012 10:29 am

Greetings, SS4A participants! I'm Felix, also known as Duskglass.

For my request I would love art of any of my characters; some of them are featured below. Art should be in-character and relatively setting-appropriate (no 'sexy' or holiday-themed pinups) but other than that I'm not picky.

I'm open to all styles/media and I encourage you to use whatever you feel you're best at. I'm not a huge fan of superdeformed 'chibi' style or composited 3D/photomanip images, but other than that anything goes.

Click the [reference post] links for more pictures/information.

Dusk's request Tumblr_nvuonwH1BW1rcsmslo1_r1_1280
Grumpy maybe-undead dude. His 'cloak' is made up of his own ripped up wings and he gets into a lot of fights that usually end with him getting injured somehow (ie, feel free to beat him up if that's something you enjoy). Also, his hair is really dirty and gross.

Kor would be my first choice but here's some others:

dragon girl -- [reference post]
Dusk's request Refsmall_by_phantomteacup-d82oty1
Notes: Kidnapped by mirror monsters as a young child, she now lives in the space between worlds. She is good at fighting, likes helping people, and she is mute. Her sword is a sentient weapon that wraps around her left arm when not in use. She doesn't actually have much to do with dragons. I'd prefer her to be drawn in her regular armour; there's plenty of images in her ref post.

shadow king -- [reference post]
Dusk's request Silly_cr_by_phantomteacup-d82ovqn
Notes: A ghost/spirit with command over shadows. He's really tall and may appear intimidating at first sight but he's actually really calm and mellow; he likes helping lost/troubled children find their way. His eyes are never visible, he sometimes wears a crown of stars and/or shadowy ivy, and he has a very desaturated colour palette. His clothes/armour under the cloak tend to change a lot and are often indistinct, so feel free to play around with them.

While the characters pictured here would be my first choice, you may also choose from the slightly wider selection available in my character reference tag.

If you have any questions about these characters or need additional refs, you can PM Kynale and she'll get the message to me anonymously.

Thank you, and have fun!
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Dusk's request
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