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July 2019
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 Rules/Guidelines for Requests

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Rules/Guidelines for Requests Empty
PostSubject: Rules/Guidelines for Requests   Rules/Guidelines for Requests EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 2:51 pm

Rules/Guidelines for Requests Pbucket

  • To be included as a participant, you must post your request(s) - your requests are whatever options you would like your Secret Santa to draw for you. There are two ways you can do this:

    1. Type the info in the "Secret Santa Request" space provided in your profile.

    2. Make your own thread in this subforum - this is ideal if you have many different requests you want to organize.

  • All requests must adhere to a PG-13 rating.

  • We encourage you to include multiple options whenever possible. Most artists here prefer to have some choice than be limited to one specific thing. There is no limit on number of requests; include as many as you'd like.

  • Just keep in mind your Secret Santa is only required to draw one of these things, not all of them.

  • Do not make your requests overly demanding or complicated. You may ask for more than one character to be included in piece, but not as the only option. Please allow your Secret Santa to draw only one character if they choose. They are welcome to go above this, but you may not demand that they do.

  • If you are making a thread, please only make one thread per person. You can have as many individual posts you want as long as they are contained in your own thread.

  • If you only have a very small request or are just linking to an external site, you are encouraged to just use your Profile rather than creating an entire thread.

  • Please post only in your thread, do not clutter up other people's threads. This subforum is purely to post requests; we have plenty other subforums and threads for discussion purposes.

  • And of course, have fun!
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Rules/Guidelines for Requests
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