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July 2019
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 Craizdraw's Request

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PostSubject: Craizdraw's Request   Craizdraw's Request EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 8:54 pm

Hi everyone!
First of all, please excuse my poor english haha

And for my request, well I would like any of these characters. Some of them are from my stories but I haven't done anything formal for them, so, only references for now.

[For my secret santa 2015: I'm editing this the day of selection, sorry for the bothering!!]

Zeus & Friends

Various ref

Zeus: He's a quiet but calculating teen, has the weird ability to be hypothetically invisible to people, so he isn't very good with social relationships. He's tends to steal things and don’t care much about other people [except for Kali and Baal] | 15 years old
Kali: She’s a strong short tempered girl who really cares about Zeus but doesn’t actually get along with Baal. Usually she takes the role of mother for this two characters. | 16 years old
Baal: He’s a weird young adult who like to do whatever he wants. He and Zeus get along really well because they both like to mess up with people. He is really brilliant and intelligent, so he knows a lot about everything. | 19 years old

La Lumo Grupo | Sci-fi comic

Colored ref | Sketches

Lulú: She could dress like a lady but actually she’s kind a vulgar human being. Has a very bad vocabulary and tends to get herself into trouble all the time. She likes to play jokes to everyone without caring a little bit. Plus, she has powers over electricity. But she’s not a heartless bitch, every now and then, a miracle occurs and she’s nice to somebody. She’s 17 years old but only 5,1 ftt tall (1.56 cm)

No Story | Just Random

Colored ref | Sketches | Some comisc about her, but they are in spanish

Mei-Lei and Mèngyan: Mei-Lei is nice and joyful while Mèngyan is a sarcastic shit. But together they form a estrange team that use the nightmare’s energy to combat spirits. Their relationship work perfectly thanks to Mei-Lei patience over Mèngyans sarcastic comments. She’s 15 years old and 5,1 ft tall (1.55 cm), Mèngyan is around 2,1 ft tall (62 cm)

No Story | Just Random

Colored ref | Sketches

Elián: A fanatic religious kid that committee suicide when people find out he was gay. And know, in the limbo, he lives every day with only one purpose, to expand god’s vision to save his soul, even if people don’t want to. He’s really nice when he´s not talking about religion and those things. He’s 17 years old and 5,6 ft tall (1.68 cm)
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Craizdraw's Request
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