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July 2019
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 Hchano's request

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PostSubject: Hchano's request   Hchano's request EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 9:17 pm

Figure I better set this up before I forget to haha. There's refs and I will include some signature things for each chara, and like..pairing suggestions in case that is something ppl wanted to do [but i am not expecting a pairing pic xD]

[note: i am fine with adult/mature themed art, if that is what you want to draw.]

ANYWAY. Gonna start with the obvious:

My urban fantasy story, which is my current webcomic... I'm only gonna list a couple here, but if you know the charas, you can pick someone else too!

Hchano's request N93werd
VIX - more refs - 1, 2, 3 (dreamscape version)
- main chara. 5'4, 17 years old.
- generally happy, but prone to anxiousness/over-worrying. stubborn to a fault.
- signature look: blue-green eyes, half up hair style [optional]... wears skirts and thigh high socks nearly all the time lol.
- fun to pair with kou, rylie, arlie, or the twin.
[note: the pairing suggestions could be romantic or buddy pairings, doesn't matter]

Hchano's request 8mLRZJw
KOU - more refs - 1, 2, 3
- vampire, vix's bodyguard basically. 6'1, looks to be early 20's
- grumpy, kind of snarky, short of temper. very driven about his job tho.
- signature look: albino, left eye scar, moon-key necklace. sunglasses [optional]
- fun to pair with vix, rylie, or lysander [for the luls].

Hchano's request HeItuTy
RYLIE - more refs - 1, 2, 3 | succubus form - 1, 2, 3
- succubus, german, kou's girlfriend. 5'7, looks to be in mid-20's.
- flirty and playful, generally well meaning in nature.
- signature look: eyes are 'inverted' -- irises are black, while the pupils are green [with a bit of a glow]. black hair with red bangs, and usually wears a thick hairband... but not always. || sucubus form: skin is a muted pink/red colour, darker than her human form skin tone. wings are like...feathered, but with the classic demon/bat wings poking out the bottom [the only good refs i have of that style are NSFW, sorry T_T]
- fun to pair with kou or vix [...or kou and vix at the same time e_e]

Hchano's request IDVkE6i
ARLISS - more refs - 1, 2
- werewolf. vix's bestie. 5'5, 16 years old.
- upbeat, fond of pranks. rarely mopes.
- signature look: monolids [she's korean]. thick-ish eyebrows.   wears a necklace with her pack insignia on it [best ref i have is this old update preview lol]
- fun to pair with vix or kou.

Hchano's request Aw79k1k
THE TWIN - more refs - 1, 2, 3 (decent back view)
- vix's dream-twin, tho is slightly taller and fuller figured.
- smug and playful mostly. is very interested in vix.
- signature look: blindfold. always in the dreamscape [refs of that here and here]
- fun to pair with vix and...well, basically that's it, since vix is the only one who can see her LMAO.

I have other stories but I'm just gonna toss 2 homeless OC's on here, cos they are pretty fun to draw without even having to read a story haha.

Hchano's request Dahlia_can_hear_the_rainfall_by_hchan
DAHLIA - more refs - 1, 2, 3, 4 [this ref is pretty outdated but including it cos it's the only complete one i have lol]
- dog-pigeon girl [she started out as a joke anthro...but i ended up loving her haha].
- super upbeat and also....suuuuuuper dumb. lol. like, chases her own tail stupid.
- signature look: dancer inspired outfits [example: 1, 2, 3]. only has 1 wing -- right one was torn off at birth [backstory blah blah], and has a black X in place of the missing wing. long strands of hair always end is curly cues.
- pairs well with Seven [boyfriend, ref 1, 2, 3] or twin sister Raiy [ref 1, 2]

Hchano's request Tumblr_myp8jbKOxY1riil1fo2_r1_500
PENELOPE aka Penne... aka dahlia 2.0 [but not really lol] - more refs - 1, 2, 3
- bunny girl with a'demon' form ['boogieman' mode].
- snarky and kind of crude. likes playing pranks. normally pretty happy, but has a short temper, which brings out boogieman mode.
- signature look:  ref#1 actually covers everything. lol
- pairs well with anubis [boyfriend, in ref #2...another here (he's not my chara haha)]

Okay I think I did this right... //tosses post into abyss

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Hchano's request
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